Deep Sea Pilotage

The Association of Deep Sea Pilots Kiel is designed to support the interests of its members and to organize the employment of deep sea pilots from all ports of the the east coast of Schleswig-Holstein (between Flensburg and Lübeck) to all ports in the Baltic Sea area, except Belts and Sounds as well as Bothnia Bay.

Deep sea pilots from the coast of Mecklemburg-Vorpommern into the Baltic are available at the pilot association

All associated deep sea pilots hold a governmental accreditation for pilotage throughout the Baltic sea

Deep sea pilots can be ordered through the local agent or directly at the pilot station in Kiel or Lübeck-Travemünde.
To order a pilot by e-mail please click here

Pilot Station Kiel:
"Holtenau Pilot"
Tel.: (0431) 36 28 58
Fax: (0431) 36 10 49
E-Mail: info(at)
Service: 24h - every day
Language: German / English

Lotsenstation Lübeck-Travemünde:
"Lübeck Pilot"
Tel.: (04502) 7 111 7
Fax: (04502) 75 35 17
Service: 24h - every day
Language: German / English

Notice: Please order a deep sea pilot at least 12 hours ahead with 4hours prior confirmation of time or when the vessel is in the locks of the Kiel-Canal in Brunsbüttel.

Required information along with the pilot order:

The following information is needed at the time of the request:

  • Location where the pilot should board the vessel (port of departure);usually this is Kiel locks, kiel light house or Travemünde pilot station
  • ETA for the port of departure (pilot boarding point)
  • Agency inside Germany
  • Location where the pilot can disembark the vessel (port of drop off, pilot station or port of destination)
  • Agency for the port of destination
  • Circumstances that prolong the time the pilot has to stay on board the vessel past the regular traveling time
  • Vessel data (incl. max. length, max. beam, max. draft, max. air draft, gross tonnage, sea speed)
  • Billig address

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