Compass adjuster

Compass adjustment is now provided by pilots of the Kiel Pilot - district. Service and pricing have been adopted from Sönke STEGMANN - who unfortunately deceased much too early.

Kiel Pilot Compass adjuster maintains a regular service with BSH licensed adjusters.

Our service:

  • 24-hour service every day of the year
  • Operating on scene - Kiel Holtenau
  • Our domain includes the baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein from the Danish border to Fehmarn and NOK to Rüsterbergen
  • We can also help you with service east of Fehmarn in the Bay of Lübeck
  • All our adjusters are BSH approved and licensed
  • We do consulting on newbuildings regarding compass devices 
  • We arrange pick up and return service for your vessel's compass for maintenance and repair during Kiel Canal passage or your stay in Port of Kiel



Contact us:

Phone (24/7): +49 (0431) 36 28 58
Fax: +49 (0431) 36 10 49
E-Mail: compass.adjuster[at]
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